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Alex Prince

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:25 am
by stairsarescary
Hi Everyone

When Alex first came to us 9 years ago I used this forum almost daily to help with the joys and trials of greyhound family members. Everyone was so supportive. I only dropped off when our human child arrived 5 1/2 years ago but I always knew one day I would have to come back and put this final post on. After a very sudden deterioration in his health yesterday, I spent the night sleeping on the sofa so I could be near Alex. This morning, after a difficult night and with a very frightened and weak dog, we had to make the most difficult choice. We had him put to sleep this morning at the vets, who could not have been kinder, to him or to us. He had a good life and a short period of discomfort before the end so I can't be sad for him but I'm so sad for us. We miss him so very much, and our daughter will be devastated when I tell her, but none of us would have avoided this upset by being without him. He has made our lives so much better for knowing him, he was a very special dog and we were lucky to have him in our family for so long.